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“I want to start a business. Now what do I do?”


“Holy cow, I made more than I thought. Now how do I handle these taxes?”


Both of these scenarios can be daunting in the world of small business. The financials of starting a business can be intimidating and filled with unknowns. On the flip side, feeling blasted with taxes after a wildly successful year can be just as daunting. From profitability strategy to tax planning, Happy Balance walks hand-in-hand with you to ensure your business not just survives - it THRIVES!


We love to serve our clients and steer them toward a greater peace of mind. Here’s just sampling of ways Happy Balance Accounting can serve: 



Whether you are looking to manage sales tax, payroll tax, corporate tax, or income tax commitments, navigating each of these can be complicated, regardless of the business you operate. Happy Balance does the heavy lifting for you, helping you manage your burden in the current year while drawing a gameplan for you to follow the next year. Our team takes a look at where you’ve been, where you’re at, and where you’re going to ensure you aren’t blindsided by surprises. 



As a business owner, what does your daily calendar look like? If you’re like most we’ve met, each day is full before you even walk in the door. Hiring, training, negotiating, purchasing, traveling, conference-calling, emailing, texting… the list goes on. Even though you intend to have bookkeeping on that list, we know that’s likely not an aspect of business that gets you up in the morning. Leave the job to someone who looks forward to the nuances of income and expenses, quarterly financial statements, customized reports and budgets, and more. 



Quality employees are the heartbeat of any business. Happy Balance provides full-service payroll processing to ensure your team members are getting paid accurately and on time, every time. From paychecks and stubs to Federal deposits and state deposits to quarterly and end-of-year reports, Happy Balance covers the entire spectrum, keeping you focused on managing your team, not their paperwork. 



Growing a small business is simplified when an experienced partner is in your corner. Have you formed your business the right way to ensure you are maximizing profits? Are you planning or projecting your next tax obligations? Happy Balance takes a look at the anatomy of your business decides what’s the best fit for where you are and where you want to go.

Cash Management


In the ebbs and flows of your business, how well are you taking care of your cash position? Are you setting enough aside, or do your Benjamins seem to get swept in the tide? A critical component to maintaining solvency and financial stability is properly managing cash. Happy Balance takes a look at how you’re taking care of this aspect of your business and helps you maintain strength, or on the flip side, offer advice to bolster your bottom line. 

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