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Purpose-Driven Accounting Services

Whether you are looking for assistance in managing the bottom line of your business or the financials of your family, Happy Balance Accounting provides tax preparation and bookkeeping services meant to meet YOUR purposes for YOUR life.


You take care of business. We’ll do the rest.


Your business is more than a business. It’s the culmination of hopes, dreams, trials, and tears. It’s something that lives inside of you. Happy Balance Accounting exists to put resources behind your business that keep you focused on what you love. Our TEAM handles the details, working to ensure income and expenses are walking a healthy line.


When you choose Happy Balance, you are placing your business in the hands of people who LOVE what they do. Whether you are a fresh start-up or a booming business, Happy Balance is passionate about supporting, observing, and offering sound advice. Need help setting a dependable budget? Looking for a healthy tax planning structure? Are you desiring guidance in getting your accounting system off the ground? Happy Balance has the experience to launch you to new heights. Happy Balance provides services ranging from tax prep to payroll processing to general accounting to business advice. 


We take the hassle out of tasks like processing sales tax, generating payroll taxes and reports, and filing yearly taxes. We are readily available to support you by phone, email, snail mail, on site or in the Vergas office.

Purpose Driven Accounting Services

Who We Are...

Principal Accountant
Ashley Hammon

What does Ashley truly love about what she does? It lies in her desire to help people and watch them build small business from the ground up. At each stage, the financial needs of businesses grow and evolve. In some cases, fear of the next unknown accompanies that growth. Ashley’s passion for walking hand-in-hand with clients, guiding them through each stage, is why Happy Balance Accounting exists.


Ashley has over a decade of experience taking small businesses in Minnesota, North Dakota, and beyond, to new and exciting heights. Whether it’s tax prep, payroll processing, or general bookkeeping, Ashley gets joy and fulfillment from solving problems and helping businesses shatter their next goal.

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